"Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought."
      - Matsuo Bashō

To counterbalance somewhat strict and predefined forms of puukko, I make different types of art knives and high quality kitchen knives.

Art knives, fully usable as they are, are meant for adornments and objects of beauty foremost. Here I pursue my own vision more freely, experimenting with materials, shapes and design. Creating truly unique knives for collectors and ethusiasts to cherish.

My kitchen knives get a strong influence from Japan and their long traditions of handmade kitchen knife making, which has no comparasion anywhere in the world. My kitchen knifes usually have two- or three layer laminated blades, as in their paragons. This way it is possible to combine extremely hard and well cutting edge with resilent and flexible, sometimes also stainless steel body. Steels are joined using forge welding techniques, just like in damascus steel, to form strong and seamless bonds. I combine my blades with high quality handle materials, using mostly Finnish woods.

Many times my knives are custom orders to fulfill customer's special needs. I also strive to keep models on the shelf ready for fast delivery. Contact me to find out about the current stock.