"No matter what things you study, you will find that those which are good and useful are also graced with beauty."
      Baldassare Castiglione, The book of the courtier, 1528.

Puukko is first and foremost a tool.

This is allways the basis of my designs. I don't believe that the concept of puukko, which has evolved over the centuries, needs to, or even could be improved. Extremely utilitarian design and beauty of the puukko-knife go hand in hand.

Despite the fact that it is typical for the puukko to be plain and ascetic in design, like other utensils in Finland, also puukkos have been decorated in various ways. In my puukko-knives I focus on constantly developing usability to a higher level but I also fulfill my own expression producing unconventional and artistic puukko-knives, still in respect of the ages old tradition.