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My shop is located in two different places. Blacksmithing shop, where I do all the 'dirty work', like forging the blades of my knives, is located in my birthtown, Halsua.

Finishing work of my knives and all the precious metal work is done in another shop located in our home, Kokkola.

Many special tools necessary in a smith's work are not available commercially, and many metalworking equipment are often designed for industrial scale processes, which makes them too large and expensive to be convenient for an artisan. Because of this fact a smith, no matter his/her area of expertice, is often forced to make tools of one's own. Simplest examples being different stakes, hammers and tongs that almost every smith has to make or shape.

Besides the forementioned tools I have also built forges, melting pots, belt sanders, a powerhammer, a hydraulic press and a heat treating owen, to mention few..